Graveda MEDIC+ Vaporizer. Vaporizer with ceramics nozzle and convection system.

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We are a very young company. Our vaporizers are produced under strict German quality control.... more
Product information "Graveda MEDIC+ Vaporizer. Vaporizer with ceramics nozzle and convection system."

We are a very young company. Our vaporizers are produced under strict German quality control.

The MEDIC+ product is our new flagship model. A product that is 100% designed by Graveda in Germany, with a well thought out design and a lot of vapour that you can expect.

With the Graveda MEDIC+ vaporizer, everything is possible in order to vaporize any kind of grass, whether if they are dry flowers, leaves or other plant parts. Just like its big brothers, the chamber is made of aluminium and heats up very quickly, keeping the heat in a continuous way. The Graveda vaporizer can operate within the temperature range of 80 C to 220 C in 1 C steps. Moreover, each person may obtain the active ingredients they wish to extract from the herbs.

The MEDIC+ dry herb vaporizer with convection technology will inspire you from the first breath. The vapour generation is phenomenal for a device in this price range. No matter if it is a deep airflow or a "single breath", the Graveda MEDIC+ is relevant for everyone if you look at its convection system. We have developed the MEDIC+ item in order to launch a device that is suitable not only to patients, but also to leisure users thanks to its excellent price. No compromises!

As we have almost completely abandoned with plastic, the casing heats up. Consider this detail before buying the article! Of course, such casing will heat up due to the radiant heat generated after about 5 minutes at 220 degrees. The maximum temperature of the housing is 37 degrees, which you can feel as "hot". However, this is definitely harmless. Of course, the use of plastic would be cooler for everyone. In addition, at Graveda we would like to reduce the amount of unused plastic around the planet.

The cooling unit, in other words, the nozzle and the cover are also made of metal/ceramics and are therefore very robust. This makes them easy to clean. The cooling unit has a removable strainer. Its nozzle can be easily removed. This component can then be completely cleaned with alcohol. The herb chamber is equipped with a removable grill that keeps the air channel free. When cleaning the chamber, alcohol can also be applied.

The herbs can either be put directly into the chamber (Important: a grid is needed). If you wish, the capsules can be filled with these natural components (not included in the package). You can put them into their respective chambers. This is especially convenient for patients. The estimated amount of materials needed to fill the chamber is 0.2-0.4 herbs. Moreover, an amount that is between 0.2 and 0.3 herbs will be used by using the dosing capsule (depending on the filling procedure and the degree of grinding).

What is the best about this vaporizer? Its replaceable battery! We have a standard 18650 battery (LG battery) that can be easily removed. The 18650 battery is more or less standard for electronic cigarettes and therefore easy to maintain. You can use any 18650 battery as a spare or replacement battery. Such object allows you maximum mobility, thus avoiding restrictions during the vaporization phase.


  • A Graveda vaporizer with a 2200 mAh battery
  • A ceramics nozzle with high-quality hinges. Colour: Black.
  • Light air flow. Therefore, deep amounts of air are allowed into the lungs. It can also be "blown" without any problems.
  • Chamber capacity: 0.2 - 0.4 (herbs)
  • The device can be equipped with a capsule (not included)
  • High-quality, easy to clean
  • Charging via Micro USB (cable included)
  • Temperature range: 80 C - 220 C (in 1 C steps)
  • Convection system (simple breezes and large amounts of vapour)
  • Product designed by the manufacturer Graveda in Germany
  • Modes: N ("Normal mode") and S ("Session mode")
  • In the "Session mode" you can set the desired time and temperature. This mode starts, for example, at 190 degrees and increases to the set temperature during the session (Example: It increases by 5 degrees every 30 seconds).
  • Metal body: The metal body heats up within 5 minutes up to 220 degrees (37 degrees for the case temperature). The heat development is unavoidable but as there are no plastic materials used, it is absolutely harmless.
  • Customer service, contact people and company's headquarters: Germany


  • 1x vaporizer, 5x mesh and 1x nozzle
  • 1x LG battery 18650 (2200 mAh)
  • 1x cleaning brush and 1x cleaning pen
  • 1x cable with Micro USB connection

#Other accessories (optional)

  • Dosing capsules for herbs
  • Dosing capsules for waxes
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