Graveda. 5 Ton Pneumatic Rosin Press with cylinder. Automatic Heat Press.

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  • GP40-5
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We are continuing to expand our range of products with a very special item: The Graveda... more
Product information "Graveda. 5 Ton Pneumatic Rosin Press with cylinder. Automatic Heat Press."

We are continuing to expand our range of products with a very special item: The Graveda Graspresso GP40-5 model. The Rosin Press is equipped with a 5 ton cylinder, and is therefore ideal for any application in the field of domestic extractions thanks to the excellent value for money ratio from the manufacturer Graveda. Moreover, this product is also suitable for professionals.

Moreover, it is possible to adjust and modify the pressure through the pressure reducing valve. This process is done in an open or closed position. In this way, you can use the machine with very little pressure and readjust the desired pressure later by achieving optimum extraction results.

All devices are available at our warehouse in Germany. Items will be sent directly to your address after the online order via DHL, UPS or other transport companies (including the delivery number). From now on, we accept payment in instalments.

The pneumatic Rosin Press is perfectly suitable for the production of resins and natural extracts by using the "Rosin Tech" technique. This device works by operating an air compressor.

The Graveda machine has a 5 ton cylinder. We offer you a practical, robust, durable and solid device. The compression force of the cylinder can reach up to 4,97 tons of pressure according to the results of the tests that were carried out by our specialists before the product release (Maximum pressure: 5 tons).

#Short and concise remarks

  • 1 Rosin pneumatic press (up to 5 tons)
  • A pressure adjustment is possible by using a pressure reducing valve in the closed and open state
  • An air compressor is required for operation (8-10 bar compressor)
  • 8 bar compressor for the 5 ton pneumatic press (Accessory not included)
  • 3/8" connections for a possible replacement of your compressor adapter parts
  • Size of the heating plates: 20 x 15 cm
  • Weight: 34 kg. The 38 kg packages will be delivered via UPS/Spedition


  • 1 Rosin Press from the German manufacturer Graveda
  • All tools available for its operation. No assembly required.
  • New machine now on sale. Delivery time: 1-3 days (approximately)
  • Dimensions (width, depth, height): 27 x 43 x 59 cm
  • Pressure adjustment via a pressure reducing valve
  • Temperature range: 0-250 C
  • Solvent-free extraction with pressure and heat
  • Production of different kinds of extracts
  • A robust and solid steel structure
  • High-quality extracts. The simplest production methods are used for the occasion.
  • Graspresso quality = efficient and effective results with unbeatable prices for everyone
  • Perfect results for absolutely pure concentrates

#Control panel

  • A user-friendly screen display will help you to ease the process (Note: it is also possible to carry out such action with a silicone glove)
  • The Rosin Press contains some interactive options with variable temperature and time settings.


  • 1x 5 Ton Rosin Press from Graveda (Graspresso GP40-5 model)
  • A pressure reducer valve with 3/8" connection (Note: Adaptor parts may be required)
  • All necessary power cables
  • User manuals in German, Spanish and English

#Main requirements for its function

  • A 8-10 bar compressor (Important: A minimum of 8 bar is needed in order to maintain a constant pressure of 5 tons)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: All our machines are available at our warehouse in Germany. Items can be delivered to your selected address after the online order. The press is securely delivered in a special packaging (especially in a large wooden box). If we consider the delivery costs to other EU nations, the final price is about 99.99 euros (except for the residents from the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the ones who live in the Canary Islands in Spain. Our charges for delivery services in any of those places may vary and are usually over 100 euros per heavy device). Moreover, a telephone number shall be confirmed by the customers in order to ease the contact with the chosen transport company. Estimated delivery time: 2-5 working days.

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