Graspresso lever press up to 350 kg - Rosin press - (plates 13.5 x 6cm)

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  • GP30-350
At Graveda, we have found out an ideal solution for the production of resin extracts. Thanks... more
Product information "Graspresso lever press up to 350 kg - Rosin press - (plates 13.5 x 6cm)"

At Graveda, we have found out an ideal solution for the production of resin extracts. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our professionals, we bring to the market a Rosin Press that will give you perfect results with pure natural extracts. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, we offer you an excellent quality/price ratio. In this way, you can purchase an article directly from the manufacturer Graveda without depending on other external factors.

MAKE YOUR OWN RESIN! With the Graspresso item from Graveda we meet all the criteria when producing pure resin for personal use. Its technique especially impresses experts by using the simplest and most economical production methods. Superior quality can be achieved in a very short time without the need to add solvents or other products.

The instructions used for oil extraction are very simple. The performance obtained depends on the quality of the pressed material. The final results of the flower extraction may vary, depending on the characteristics of the plant, the temperature and the pressure settings. In any case, the best solutions are found out with the use of very good quality materials. With the Rosin Press (similar to a hair straightener), heat and pressure are also used in order to obtain the resin. The advantage of a heat press is that high pressure is much more efficient and effective by improving the quality of the final product. The cleaning of the resin depends mainly on the material. However, it is possible to extract all the plant material in the press. If we look at its components, we can see the flowers, the buds, the wax or the cuttings/slips, among other examples. The desired material for the extraction is placed between the Rosin bags and the special paper that is considered in such procedures.

How does it work? The desired material has to be placed in the press and the pressure adjustment needs to be started manually by considering the process of choosing the optimal temperature of the device. In addition, the configuration of the press settings may have different results. Furthermore, quality is the main factor when obtaining resin extracts. Other important aspects to consider are temperature settings and pressure resistance. Depending on the settings, different kinds of extracts are produced, which can be distinguished by its consistency, structure and purity.


  • 1 Rosin Press from the German manufacturer Graveda
  • Weight: 6,35 kg
  • Size of the heating plates: 13,5 cm x 6 cm cm
  • Pressure adjustment (variable up to 350 kg)
  • Temperature range: 0-150 C (in 1 C steps)
  • Removal of all plant material from the flowers
  • Production of different kinds of natural extracts
  • Solvent-free resin production
  • High-quality extracts by using the simplest production methods
  • Graspresso quality = efficient and effective results
  • Perfect results for absolutely pure concentrates


  • 1x Rosin Press
  • 1x power cable
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