Grasspresso 7 tons - Rosin Press with 7 tons hydraulic cylinder and pressure indicator, 12 x 6cm plates

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  • GP50-5-7
7 tons Rosin Press with pressure indicator ! We at Graveda put an end to expensive Rosin... more
Product information "Grasspresso 7 tons - Rosin Press with 7 tons hydraulic cylinder and pressure indicator, 12 x 6cm plates"

7 tons Rosin Press with pressure indicator!

We at Graveda put an end to expensive Rosin Presses. For Rosin it needs 2 basic things: good raw material and two hot plates!

With the Graveda Graspresso GP50-5-7, we have an all-rounder here that comes with an analog pressure display.

Info: The manometer is not intended to test the precision of the device when empty, but to be able to establish a recurring pressure during the Rosin pressing, thus ensuring reproducible results.

More information about the manometer can be found here in our blog: The pressure gauge

The Rosin press has been equipped with a 7 ton cylinder and a pressure display, making it suitable for any home extraction application. Of course, the whole thing is available at the usual Graveda price!

For perfect use we recommend our Rosin Bags and BottleTech Prepress, which was developed especially for our bags and presses.

Thus can be pressed at the absolute beginner price directly like a professional!

All equipment is available in stock in Germany and can be shipped directly after ordering. From Germany, with DHL shipment number. We have an optimized system and sell at dealer price to end customers. It is important to us that Graveda customers never pay "TOO MUCH" for their products and get a fair price/performance ratio.

The GP50-5-7 Rosin Press is perfectly suited for the Rosin/Extract production according to the so called Rosin Tech process.

Please note that even with the "small" Graveda Grasspresso you will get very, very good results (since 1000 PSI pressure is also achieved on 3x4cm usable area) and for larger quantities you only have to do several passes, but you will get results "like with the big one". In the end, the only difference between the devices is the quantity that can be processed.

The Graveda Rosin Press has a 7 ton hydraulic press cylinder using the classic "jack" technique. Practical, robust, durable and solid.

The unneeded text on the pressure display is in chinese, because we want awesome presses and we don't care what language they speak. We also don't accept discrimination against the pressure display because of its origin. #Realtalk



  • Directly ready for use, no assembly required
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Dimensions: W: 36cm D: 16cm H: 40cm
  • Plate sizes: 12cm x 6cm
  • Hydraulic cylinder: 7 tons max.
  • Pressure adjustment by lever mechanism
  • Including pressure indicator (manometer, pressure gauge)
  • Temperature range: 0-150°C
  • Extraction without solvent with pressure and heat
  • Production of dabs like Budder, Live Rosin, Shatter
  • Very robust and solid steel construction
  • Superior extract quality under simplest production conditions
  • Graspresso quality = efficient and effective!
  • Flawless results for absolutely pure concentrates


  • Easy operation by touch panel (also possible with silicone glove).
  • Different settings for temperature and time


  • Rosin Press 7 tons Graveda Grasspresso
  • Original Chinese pressure indicator ;-)
  • All necessary cables
  • Instruction manual
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