Grasspresso EPIC - 15T Rosin Press with manometer and 12 x 6 cm plates, design by ??_Tobi

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  • GP50-15-V2
Graspresso EPIC 15 Ton - Rosin press with a 15 ton hydraulic cylinder and manometer (Heating... more
Product information "Grasspresso EPIC - 15T Rosin Press with manometer and 12 x 6 cm plates, design by ??_Tobi"

Graspresso EPIC 15 Ton - Rosin press with a 15 ton hydraulic cylinder and manometer (Heating plates: 12 x 6 cm)


We at Graveda put an end to expensive rosin presses. In order to make high-quality natural resins, you will need 2 basic things: Good raw materials and two heating plates.


With this beautiful monster, we are expanding our range of products in order to include a true multi-purpose press that is 100% suitable not only for a domestic use, but also for a professional one at clubs. If we have a look at the pressure display (a pressure indicator that is available for conversion), the Rosin Press is also suitable for medical purposes. By using the same raw materials, consistent results may be achieved over and over again.

Info: The manometer is not intended to test the precision of the device when empty, but to be able to establish a recurring pressure during the Rosin pressing, thus ensuring reproducible results.

More information about the manometer can be found here in our blog: The pressure gauge

This is the Graspresso EPIC 15 tons - a version where we had the fine grinding of the plates (extra step), engraving and polishing done. So we are shooting from the low-budget segment into the premium segment - and there is no more reason to spend more money on a Rosin press!

100% designed in Germany - big Credits to ???_Tobi!

All devices are available in our warehouse in Germany. Items will be sent directly to your address after the online order.

The Rosin Press is perfectly suited for the Rosin/extract production according to the "Rosin Tech" process.

The Graveda Rosin Press has a 15 ton hydraulic press cylinder. We offer you a practical, robust, durable and solid device. The compression force can reach a pressure of up to 14.5 tons according to the results of the tests that were carried out by our specialists before the product release. The realistic maximum pressure is around 15 tons.


  • Rosin Press from the German manufacturer Graveda
  • 100% designed in Germany, credits to ???_Tobi
  • All the relevant machine’s tools that are required for its function. No assembly is needed.
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Size of the heating plates:  12 cm x 6 cm
  • A 15 ton hydraulic cylinder (Maximum)
  • An accurate pressure adjustment by activating a lever mechanism
  • The device includes a pressure display (a manometer and a pressure gauge)
  • A hydraulic cylinder is included together with the Rosin Press
  • Temperature range: 0-250 C
  • Solvent-free extraction (with pressure and heat)
  • Production of different kinds of extracts
  • A robust and solid steel structure
  • High-quality extracts. The simplest extraction methods are used at the right time.
  • Graspresso quality = efficient and effective results at unbeatable prices for everyone
  • Perfect results for absolutely clean concentrates

#Control panel:

  • A user-friendly screen display will help you to ease the process (Note: it is also possible to carry out such action with a silicone glove)
  • Different temperature and time settings for the Rosin Press
  • Both heating plates can be adjusted separately


  • 1x 15 Ton Rosin Press  (Graveda Graspresso model)
  • 1x hydraulic pump with all accessories
  • All necessary power cables
  • A user manual in German, Spanish and English
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